Agfa Agfamatic 2000 Pocket (1973)

The Agfamatic 2000 Pocket is a deluxe version of the 1000 pocket. It is one of the earliest 110 cameras on the market, other than from Kodak.  The film is advanced Minox-style by pushing the end of the camera in and out and like the Minox the lens and viewfinder are protected when the camera is closed. 

The camera is mainly made of plastic but the metal components and shell in brushed aluminium give it a more substantial feel.

The shutter and speed switch is on the top panel and a slide-lock holds the body closed when not in use.

  • Model "AGFAMATIC 2000", "pocket" and the Agfa logo engraved in black on the front panel, "AGFAMATIC 2000" and "sensor" in white print on the top panel. The cardboard packaging refers to this model as "Typ 2300/700/777"
    Lens fixed-focus Color-Agnar 1:9,5/26 mm (3 elements). Focus range from 1.2 meters to infinity.
    Shutter Shutter: Mechanical shutter with switchable speeds of 1/100 sec. and 1/50 sec. Flash-cube socket - inserting a flash-cube switches the shutter speed to 1/50 sec.  The shutter is mounted externally, in front of the lens. The speeds are marked by symbols - Sun for 1/00 sec., Cloud for 1/50.
    Film speed 100ASA only
    Warning lights Inserting an used Magicube triggers a signal in viewfinder.
    Dimensions Closed: 113 (L) x 53 (W) x 27 (H) mm / 4.4 (L) x 2.1 (W) x 1.1 (H) inches
    Open: 133 (L) x 53 (W) x 27 (H) mm / 5.2 (L) x 2.1 (W) x 1.1 (H) inches
    Weight 160g
    Accessories Wrist-chain
    Magicube extender post
    Soft case
    Natarix Agfamatic close-up lens (Agfa Typ 6725/100)
    Agfamatic pocket Lux electronic flash unit (Agfa Typ 6894/100)
    Date of Manufacture  
    Current Value  
    Auction Price Ebay 2004/08/08 10.93EUR, *2004/08/15 10.93EUR, *2005/01/13 5.50EUR (+3008), *2005/02/05 1EUR, 2005/02/21 3.50EUR, 2005/03/06 20.50EUR, 2005/05/01 3.49EUR, 2005/07/03 2.99GBP, 2005/07/23 2GBP, 2006/11/18 3.20GBP (box)


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