Agfa Agfamatic 5008 makro Pocket (1975)

Same as the model Optima 5000 except a Flipflash plug replacing on the upper panel the Magicube plug.

A new selector with transparent plastic replaces the circular distance selector of 5000 in metal.


Model "AGFAMATIC 5008", "makro pocket" and the Agfa logo engraved in white on the front panel, "AGFAMATIC 5008" and "sensor" in white print on the top panel. Mobile part in black aluminium.
Other characteristics are the same as the model Optima pocket 5000.
Lens 26mm f2.7 - f16.0 focusing lens to 25cm (10 inches). 
Shutter Built-in CdS meter gives automatic exposure control by setting the shutter speed from 15 seconds to 1/1000; and the aperture
Film Speed  
Viewfinder Automatic parallax correction to 20 inches, parallax marks in the view finder down to 10 inches. Wrist-chain allows measuring the minimum macro distance.
Warning lights Low battery and long exposure warnings in the viewfinder.
Battery two 625 batteries
Flash New electronic flash AGFAMATIC POCKET LUX 560 with the same design as the previous flash of pocket 5000
Tripod Cable release connection and tripod socket.
Date of Manufacture 1975
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2004/09/09 26GBP (mark across Agfamatic), 2004/11/09 9.99USD, *2005/01/16 1EUR, 2005/02/21 1.99EUR, 2005/03/04 2.50EUR, 2005/04/03 4.50EUR, 2005/04/14 1.50EUR, 2995/08/23 3.20GBP, 2006/04/15 15.65EUR

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