Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munchen, Germany launched 110 film and a their first subminiature 110 cameras in 1973. The range of cameras is extensive; from the most basic to advanced models with tele or macro lens and motor drives. the "classic" Agfamatics have the push pull film advance like a Minox camera. This was also adopted by Rollie in the A110/E110 cameras but not by the Blada made Minox 110S.

The "classic" Agfamatic pocket (1973-76) are characteristically well made and remain in good working order 30 years after manufacturing they feature:-

  • a tripod socket, which serves to screw the wrist strap, a metal snake chain
  • an orange resilient pad - the 'sensor' - designed to minimize camera shake, one of defects of 110 camera
  • glass optics
  • film is advanced Minox-style by pushing the end of the camera in and out - the moving body section also extends around the front to protect the lens & viewfinder.
  • The body is mainly black plastic, with a few metal components both internally and externally - the body end & cover section is in brushed aluminium, with a couple of extra aluminium trims on the main body.
  • The shutter and speed switch are on the top panel, and a slide-lock to hold the body closed when not in use.

"Classic" Agfamatic models are 2000 pocket, 3000 pocket, 4000 pocket, Optima 5000 pocket, Optima 6000 pocket, 2008 pocket, 2008 tele pocket, 3008 pocket, 4008 pocket, 4008 tele pocket, 5008 makro pocket, 6008 makro pocket

(1979-1981) Many other models {Agfa Agfamatic 508, 1000, 1000S, 1008, 1008 tele, 2000 flash, 3000 flash, 4000 flash, Agfa Autostar, Mini, Snapper, Easy, Sport, Traveller} are made of plastic which left the "rapid film advance" system and the original design of Agfamatic, but retained the red release button " sensor ".

(1979-1981) Several other models {Agfa Agfamatic 901 motor, Agfa Tramp, Sport, Star}, made in plastic, included a view by view or serial motor, abandoning the original design of Agfamatic, but retained the red release button "sensor".

See Variations.

Some models use magic-cubes which require manually to be rotated or rotated for you automatically as the film is advanced. The Agfamatic tele 2008 uses flip flash with 8 or 10 flash bulbs in a long rectangular box fired in turn. Some models have both magic cubes and a special electronic flash contact attached by thumb screw or in a cold shoe socket revealed under a sliding cover.

Agfa 110 cameras are now sold very cheaply and although some 50 cameras are listed here only the top models sell for more than 10 EUROS and even then may only reach 20EUROS. The five 901 motor special editions may fetch150EUROS. The complete collection (excluding 901 special editions), boxed and working should make for a collection costing under 500 EURO. Re-badged models are the hardest to find, possibly because they are not thought worth re-selling or because their name (e.g. King and Star) brings up too many irreverent finds on internet searches.


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