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Pocket 350ZOOM came out a year after the Pocket 350Z which was the first 110 camera with a zoom, beating the Minolta SLR Zoom 110 to the market place in 1976. The Pocket 350ZOOM It has a focal range of 1.5m (5ft) to infinity with a close focus of 1m (39 inches).  The viewfinder is coupled to the slider from normal to telephoto and parallax marking indicate the limit of the frame for zoomed photographs. It does not use the perforations to cock the shutter but requires the cassette to be notched, on the bottom edge, to allow the shutter to trip.

Model  Fujica Pocket 350ZOOM
Serial #  2072337
Lens  6 component, 7 element 1: 5.6 f=25 - 42 mm zoom, 34mm diameter, 0.5mm pitch screw in filter
Shutter  single speed 1/125 second
Aperture  set my weather symbols cloudy/over cast, sunshine, bright sunshine f/5.6, f8, f11 or f16.
Finish/colour brushed aluminium and black plastic
Viewfinder with parallax correction with bright 'gold' frame which looks white in the viewfinder
Case plastic
Box Green outer wrapper over a plastic cam shell
Accessories lens cap, strap, hot shoe electronic flash Fujicolor Strobo P at 1/125th
Instructions English, German/French/Italian
Dimensions  125x66x28mm main body only 50mm wide, lens 40mm diameter, 16mm when at normal
Weight  200g
Purchased  2008/01/17
Date of Manufacture 1977
Cost 8GBP
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2006/02/19 13.48GBP, 2006/08/22 13.50GBP, *2008/01/17 8GBP (box) , 2008/04/26 15USD, 2008/07/13 6.70USD (flash)
Comment has a cable release socket, hot shoe and a tripod thread

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