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National Panasonic was renown for consumer electrical equipment and is is not surprise that their entry into 110 is noted by the Radicame. Like the Kowa Ramera, is a radio with built in camera.

Micro Camera

Fitted with a fixed focus 24mm (f5.6) and (f14.0) macro lens. Single speed mechanical shutter.

Radicame C-R1


Radio/Flash C-R1

The National C-R1 is a 110 Format Camera with flash and built in AM Transistor Radio. It includes a speaker and has an earphone.

You can take pictures with the flash turned off or with no batteries; conversely, you can play the radio while taking pictures. The flash recycle indicator doubles as a tuning indicator.

Radicame C-R2

Sold in 1979 the C-R2 is an updated to the C-R1 with a Fuji lens.

Radio/Flash C-R2

Same as the Radicame C-R2.

Radicame Autowinder C-R3

Sold in 1980 similar to the earlier models but has an auto-winder.  Fixed focus 24mm (f5.6) lens. Single speed shutter


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