Pentax 110 Black ASAHI panhead

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Pentax stopped painting in the "ASAHI" on the Auto 110 before the end of the first year of production.  Shortly after that they also changed the pan head screws to Philips flat heads. So these must be the rarest of the Auto 110 cameras.  This, however, does not seem to be reflected in the auction price as few sellers include serial numbers or this level of detail in the auction.

10306xx has been reported as white ASAHI. 1059xxx and 1218xxx has been reported as being a black pan head and 1260xxx as a Philips; giving the range

after 10306xx and before 1059xxx


after 1218xxx and before 1260xxx.  The may have been an overlap in production, using what every screws where available.

Model black panhead
Serial # 1119921
Finish/colour black
Case soft zip up pouch
Box for camera with 24mm lens only
Instructions German
Accessories strap
Purchased 2003/01/22 (camera), 2003/02/20 (lens)
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 25.60EUR (camera, case, strap, instructions, box),  24.95USD (24mm lens)
Current Value 50USD
Auction Price Ebay 2002/09/15 66EUR, 2002/10/30 56USD (+winder), 2002/11/02 51GBP (+flash), 2002/11/12 41GBP (black panhead), 2002/11/16 27GBP, 2002/11/26 51GBP (boxed+AF100P), 2002/12/15 35GBP (+50mm), 2003/03/02 41USD (+AF130P boxed), 2003/03/03 28USD (+winder, flash), 2003/03/08 28USD (+flash), 2003/03/10 36USD (+flash), 2002/11/16 36GBP, 2006/01/04 43.95USD (box, major component), 2006/08/27   28GBP (in red box with 24mm, 50mm), 2006/10/15 17GBP, 2008/01/25 21GBP, 2008/10/04 18.50GBP
Comment 24mm #1378266 simple clip lens cap (but lens purchased separately from camera)

Pentax made most of the accessories available separately in red boxes or wall hanging display bags. Winder #296037,  18mm #1099021, 50mm #1152512, 70mm #, zoom 20-40mm #1052179 with push on lens cap.

The camera was sold with 24mm lens as standard and later with pan focus as an alternative.

Last Updated on 6th November 2008