Pentax Auto 110  - compared

introduction | white ASAHI panhead | black ASAHI panhead | black ASAHI philips | Pan Focus | safari | transparent (dealer display) | super major component set | super | accessories

The standard, commercially available Pentax Autro 110 are all in black. Clockwise from the top left are the Super, philips screw head, white Asahi panhead and the black panhead version.

Note the smaller font on the white Asahi lens cap (bottom of photograph) and the change in design of the clip on the wrist strap.

The Super has a permanently attached flash contact cover and the dial below the film advance lever has the settings L (Lock), A (automatic) and S (self-timer). The White Asahi camera at the bottom still has the cap, but it is missing from the other two samples.

The Super has a viewer lens cover

Minor changes in the size of the font used for the company name and serial number.

Last Updated on 28th February 2003