Pentax Auto 110 Super

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The improved Super was introduced in 1983 when 110 sales were already in decline.  Comparatively few Supers were sold. Luckily both cameras all used the same lenses, accessories, and common D76 batteries. The exception is the Winder II which was made only for the Super.  How to tell the difference?  The Super is labelled on its front plate, the original has no label and the bright red 'eye' above the Pentax logo are both clearly visible.

The .75x size viewfinder shows 87% of the picture area. The shutter speed range is 1/400th second to 1 second,  

Production numbers seem to have started at 2500000 with over 79000 being made.

Model Pentax Auto 110 Super Complete Set
Serial # 2575351
Finish/colour black
Case soft suede finish zip up case
Box complete set
Instructions English
Accessories AF130P, winder II, 18mm, 24mm, 50mm lens with hoods, filters and close up lens, wrist strap, tripod mount
Purchased 2002/04/29
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 152.50USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2002/04/29 152.50USD, 2002/05/03 190USD, 2002/05/13 254EUR, 2002/06/22 83EUR (+winder), 2002/07/07 171GBP (camera only!), 2002/07/17 170GBP (snap), 2002/08/01 107.50GBP, 2002/08/05 96.03GBP (snap), 2002/09/10 175.50USD (zoom, AF100P), 2002/11/08 56GBP (camera), 2002/11/10 81EUR (+winder), 2002/11/16 148.25GBP, 2002/11/22 198.5USD (50mm,18mm, flash), 2002/11/30 160GBP, 2002/12/07 227.50USD (aluminium case), 2003/02/19 49EUR (camera), 2003/03/25 222.50USD, 2003/11/18 102.44EUR (aluminium case), 2004/02/21 360USD (aluminium attaché case), 2004/03/14  103.23GBP (component set), 2004/07/05 164.05USD, 2004/07/24  242.50USD (aluminium attaché case), 2004/09/05  182.50USD (with winder, flash boxed separately), 2004/09/30 45GBP (camera+24mm), 2005/01/25 248.50USD (kit, #2554815), 2005/05/10 152.50USD (major component set), 2005/05/31 242.50USD (complete set), 2005/06/26 60GBP (in tan case, major component set), 2005/06/29 142.50USD (complete set), *2005/06/30 140USD (major component set), 2005/06/30 91EUR (aluminium case),  2005/07/02 102.50USD (complete set), 2005/09/18 38GBP (box camera with separate accessories), 2005/10/09 72GBP (aluminium case), 2006/02/27 71USD (box), 2006/09/30 180EUR+commission (complete set, aluminium case), 2007/04/20 40GBP (major component set), 2008/01/08 62GBP

Black Suede case Ebay 2008/01/19 7.98GBP
Comment Winder #601731, 18mm #1382859, 24mm #2511523, 50mm #1426282


The little button on your right of the lens is the lens release.  Note the bottom motor connections.  The built in  plastic cover for the flash connection is often broken off.


The photograph below shows the two D76 batteries in their holder. If you look closely below them into the camera body, you will see a little plastic finger extending above that ledge. That keyed the camera to ASA 400 film.

 If the  film  cartridge pressed down that little finger, the meter was set at ASA 80.  Unfortunately, 110 cameras were designed to have a maximum of two film speeds choices for the meter.  Battery life was estimated at 10,000 exposures or one year, whichever occurred first


The shutter lock and self timer control were located on a switch built on the advance lever.  The red LED above the Pentax logo flashed to signal self timer operation.  The plastic pad, above right, was the backlight compensation switch.

Last Updated on 19th January 2008