Pentax 110 Transparent (Dealer display model)

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The dealer display model was not available for sale, but was used as a demonstration model in camera shops. It is a fully functioning camera and some have made their way to the consumer market.  It is not a "pan head model".  The lens is marked "DUMMY" on some models. All camera features remained the same.

Model Dealer's Demonstration model
Serial #  
Finish/colour transparent plastic
Purchased 2004/09/04
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 380EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2003/03/28 476USD, 2003/10/18 745EUR, 2004/03/24 1025USD, 2004/07/17 266USD, 2004/07/29  325USD (+kit), *2004/09/04 380EUR, 2004/09/25 310.12GBP, 2004/09/25 310.12GBP (box, case), 2005/02/25  610USD, 2005/03/24 391.99USD, 2005/07/13 200GBP (18mm lens), 2007/10/02 516USD (box), 2008/01/28 356.75USD (with 7 lenses including 'dummy')

No screws are visible either side of the view finder, so possibly a separate version to the one below or simply missing.

Philip head version, see view of the rear of the view finder.

Transparent philip head pic courtesy and copyright of Paul Coltoff

Dummy 24mm lens

 dummy lens pic courtesy and copyright of Paul Coltoff

Last Updated on 3rd February 2008