Rollei A110

Model A110
Lens Serial # 3034892
Finish/colour black
Lens Tessar f2.8/23mm, focusing from 1m (3.5ft) f16, f5.6, f2.8 electronically set
Shutter electronically-programmed shutter EV-range 0.3-10,000 cd/m2; fast silicon photo-diode for computer exposure control even with flash pictures and daylight fill-in flash. 4sec f2.8 to 1/400 sec f16, test button with dual indication for time and normal exposure
Film 64-100ASA, 320-500ASA
Dimensions closed 84x44x30mm (3 1/4"  x1 1/4" x 1 3/16") open 100x44x30mm (4" x 1 1/4" x 1 3/16")
Weight 185g (6.5oz) without battery
Case leather button case
Box transparent plastic presentation box in picture box sleeve.
Accessories snake chain with key ring
Instructions Multi-lingual
Purchased 2002/06/09
Date of Manufacture September 1974 to 1978 in Brunswick, original price 548DEM
Cost 37.50EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/03/04 67.66USD, 2002/08/14 52USD. Spare case and chain 2002/09/06 20GBP, 2003/07/20 26.37EUR, 2004/01/08 100USD, 2004/09/20 29.79GBP, 2005/07/10 41GBP (box), 2005/11/21 71USD (E110+A110), 2006/01/29 42.10GBP (box), 2006/02/15 22.05GBP (box), 2006/03/29 46USD (box, film), 2006/05/20 29.99USD (box), 2006/06/30 26USD, 2006/07/26 10.09GBP (box), 2006/09/02 15.50USD (with instructions and flash unit), 2006/09/04 31GBP (box), 2007/06/02 23GBP (box), 2008/07/08 99USD (box), 2008/10/12 18.50GBP (box)


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