Bino/Cam 7x20 (7800)

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Identical to the 7800, but without being labelled 7800.

The 7800 has a 112mm lens, the front elements of which can unscrew but there were no alternatives made. The lens has focusing from 10 m (33 feet) to infinity and is coupled to the binocular lenses. The binoculars are rated 7x20mm 508ft/1000yds (169m/1000m) and have a white frame when set so that the oculars are at the correct distance apart for the user. Only the right hand lens moves and the camera is off set at an angle.

Aperture adjust is on the barrel of the telephoto from f5.6 down to f22. The single speed mechanical shutter is 1/125 s. The slow lens and long telephoto (about 220mm on a 35mm camera) risk camera shake so it has a solid tripod mount on the left hand side of the binoculars and a socket in the shutter release for the use of a mechanical timer or cable release.

An accessory kit was sold with table top tripod, three 32mm filters (1A, Y48 and ND2), lens hood and a pair of eye cups to replace those on the binocular oculars.

The burgundy case is imitation leather with a gold coloured logo on the front lower right.

The camera was manufactured between 1977 and 1981.

Ebay 2002/08/30 92.90USD (#7716249, not labelled 7800), 2002/09/01 100USD (case), 2002/11/09 153.50USD (#7716249, not labelled 7800), 2002/12/04 93USD (#7716249, not labelled 7800), 2004/12/23 36GBP (lens caps), 2005/03/23 30.99USD (case, lens caps, #7739315), 2005/05/29 72USD (case, #7740930), *2005/06/26 67USD (case, #7740591), *2005/06/26 51.01USD (case, lens caps, #7739358), 2005/11/27 31GBP (case), 2006/08/14 51USD (case, #7713510 ), 2007/04/15 34.79GBP

Kit   2005/05/04 25USD (box, no 32mm hood), 2005/03/25 49.95USD (box)

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