Bino/Cam 8000

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The last in the series of Bino/Cam  was the 8000 manufactured from 1980 until 1983.


The focusing of binoculars and telephoto was dropped but the lens is now interchangeable and three lens options were available. The standard 100mm f5.6-22 lens is equivalent to a 200mm on a 35mm camera. The other lenses sold where a 70mm and a 150mm. The variable focus of the 7800 is easier to use as binoculars. Stopped down to f22 the the near point is 7.5m (25ft) and at f5.6 this 23m (75ft).

The camera has two speeds, like the 7900, of 1/125 and 1/250s marked 1 and 2.

The binoculars are rated at 7x20mm 508ft/1000yds (169m/1000m)

The accessory kit is similar to that for the 7800 but has a 26mm thread for the filters and hood.

The burgundy case is imitation leather with a gold coloured logo on the front lower right and has space for both extra lenses or film.

Ebay *2005/01/10 62GBP, 2005/04/22 125USD (case, instructions, lens caps), 2005/04/22 108USD (case, tripod head, instructions, #89326),  2005/06/08 123.9USD (#84217 , case, instructions, 70 & 150mm lenses), *2005/07/01 56USD (case), 2005/07/14 115.20USD (with lens caps, 83652, case), 2005/07/23 19.99GBP, 2005/10/09 90USD. 2005/10/20 36.07USD (case, instructions, caps), 2005/10/21  68USD (case), 2006/01/17 72USD (case, instructions), 2006/02/20 52USD (instructions), 2006/03/29 49.98USD (case, instructions), 2006/07/03 47USD, 2006/08/14 51USD (box, #86420), 2006/10/02 20.49USD (case), 2007/01/20 73GBP (black case), 2007/02/16 37GBP (case), 2008/01/10 56.99USD (case)

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