Voigtländer Vitoret 110EL

The Voigtländer Vitoret claim to fame is it's size; at 122 x 35 x 27mm (4.8 x 1.4 x 1 inches). It was made in Singapore between 1978 and 1981 and 168.400 units were sold. The lens is a Lanthar 5,6/24mm, three elements. CdS automatic exposure from 1/300 - 4 seconds with electronic shutter which fixes at 1/300s if the batteries are removed. Fixed focus lens, the selector only varied diaphragm between f5.6-11. Focusing range of 5 feet to infinity. Also delivered with matching flash  (DIN 14 / 100ASA) or flash cube adapter.

The CdS meter is activated by lightly pressing the shutter release. If the exposure is too long then a red LED warning light is shown. The hand strap can be removed so the camera can be tripod mounted.

The camera uses two A76 batteries.

The viewfinder has parallax markings. It has a hot-shoe for flash use and a built-in lens/viewfinder cover.  A white plastic slider-button on the front lower edge advances the film and sets the shutter.  It also opens and closes protective covers for the lens & viewfinder and locks the shutter release. 

Model Voigtländer Vitoret 110EL
Serial #  
Warning lights  
Finish/colour black
Purchased 2007/10/27
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 20EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2005/05/11 36USD, 2005/10/01 8.50GBP, 2005/11/01 14.99GBP, 2006/01/03 24.95USD, 2006/01/03 9.99USD (no box), 2006/01/22 20.30USD (box), 2006/02/18 5.50USD (box), 2006/02/19 7.04EUR (box), 2006/04/05 0.99GBP, 2006/05/08 9.50GBP (box), 2006/05/14 14.50USD, 2006/05/18 15.50USD (box), 2006/05/21 2.99GBP, 2006/06/10 50USD (box), 2006/06/18 22.50USD (box), 2006/07/17 15.50USD (boxed), 2006/07/17 15.50USD (no box), 2006/07/22 19.50USD (box), 2006/11/04 5GBP, 2006/11/06 31USD (flash not working), 2006/11/21 8.99GBP (with basic model), 2006/12/03 5.50USD (box), 2007/01/13 24.99USD (box), 2007/01/13 9.99USD (box), 2007/08/20 20USD (box), 2007/08/22 22.99GBP (box), *2007/10/27 20EUR (box), 2008/01/25 15GBP, 2008/01/27 6GBP (box), 2008/07/16 13.75GBP (box), 2008/10/26 6.01GBP (no box)

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