GaMi 16 x4 Telephoto f4

At 162mm long and a front optic of 34mm and weighing in at 320g this is almost as heavy as the lnger x8 telephoto lens. The 23mm viewfinder 14mm square at it's centre. The lens attaches to the camera by two grips that tighten by a collar with a red mark that lines up with a '0' mark on the barrel.

The focusing collar can be locked by a small knob on one side of the lens. The short focal range is 8 feet (2.5 metres), extending to infinity. The other side of the lens barrel has a tripod socket. This is not at the centre of gravity so a very stable and heavy tripod is needed.

x4 Telephoto 2002/06/02 376USD (#19942), 2002/06/03 300USD, 2002/06/26 405USD (#21992), 2002/11/07 466USD (case, #234318), 2003/01/02 560USD, 2004/10/14 716.01EUR (with camera), 2006/02/21 601USD, 2006/02/27 610USD (case), 2006/05/20 550EUR + commission (#27448), 2006/10/05 330USD. 2006/11/25 572.88EUR (with camera)

Last Updated on 18th January 2008