Variations in GaMi 16 cameras

Based upon Foto Club Antiquario Italiano - Firenze list of variations found in the GaMi 16 and their documentation of the serial numbers of the cameras found.


The first 1000 cameras where engraved PATENT, which really should have been “Patent pending”. After this the camera is engraved “PATENTED”.


The first 'feet' recorded show up (perhaps not by coincidence) together with the engraving PATENTED after about 2000 serial numbers but prior to the change in film speed. The biggest export market was to the USA with 80% of total sales to the USA.

Max. ASA

The initial range 6-100 ASA for BW and 10-80 for Color film. After about Serial number 340000 this was changed to 12-200 and 20-150. There is a cross over of at least 2000 possibly due to service and parts replace and / or production cross over.

Film pressure plate smooth and black or dimpled and bright plated


this part changed very soon (between 339406 to 339876),  from black smooth milled to bright plated dimpled stamped. On the second version the film slides better and possibly the pressure is more uniform. The weight increased by 4 gram.

Shutter release collar

The colour of the paint in the groove around shutter release collar is puzzling and it meaning unknown. Colours reported so far include BLACK, GRAY, BLUE, RED/PINK, YELLOW, GREEN,  and most common no paint, or paint removed. No correlation with serial numbers, nor with meters or feet, nor with the colour of the case where the blue, green or light brown case never matching the colour of the shutter collar.

ridge on back cover next to focus wheel to help open back

It appears in 338XXX, then it vanishes to show up again in serial no. 3411XX, and finally it disappears in the last 1300 numbers.

Rivet strengthening the cover door closing latch

This shows up at 341XXX, then it goes and comes back again at 342XXX.

Two tone

The GaMi camera bodies of the last known serial nos. (3427XX...) appear to be made in two-tone finish, the external area as before in the typical shiny finish, and the central area, both sides, where all dials and controls are located in a 'satin etched' non glossy finish, while in all the previous ones the central area is finished like the external frame. The variation looks very stylish.

The main changes produce 5 metric and 3 imperial variations.  

metric Smooth black pressure plate PATENT

Satin gloss


6-100/10-80 ASA



Dimpled and bright plated


12-200/20-150 ASA

      Two tone  
imperial   PATENTED Satin gloss 6-100/10-80 ASA

12-200/20-150 ASA

      Two tone  


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