Kowa Ramera KCT-62 (red)

Introduction | Bell Kamera [ black | blue | red | white ] Kowa Ramera [ black | blue | red | white ]

Kowa Ramera, red front, white back with gold speaker grill and white dials supplied with a red leather case. The ear phone has it's own small leather case which buttons onto the strap of the carry case. The camera has a small transparent lens cap.  This is a complete outfit with original box and transport protection wrapper.

The camera has serial number 38697. The transistor radio is still working and for AM, with a strong local signal is clear as it could be.

Ebay  2003/05/17 60USD (Ramera only), 2004/03/29 72USD (complete), 2004/06/08 67USD, *2005/01/05 112.50USD, 2006/02/24 200USD (complete)

Besides the case there is an extension strap, earphones with their own small button one leather case.

Notice the sponge has broken up turning to a dry salty power.

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