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The Mamiya 16 Super (II) was launched in 1957.  It can easily be spotted from the 16 Super by having the film type reminder, all f-stopped marked with numbers, not just alternative ones, focus scale is not engraved being a plastic stick on strip, silver letters on black background, and the engraving changed to "Mamiya 16 Super" from "Mamiya Super 16". The Mamiya Super 16 III is engraved as such. Parallax scale is marked 1Ft and 0.3M on the view finder frame. Serial numbers are seen on some cameras.

The film reminder is marked for the speed of the film (in ASA and DIN), film type (B&W or colour) and EMPTY.

The other features are similar to the Super 16, it has a 25mm (f3.5-11) focusing lens, marked "CUTE" on the front of the camera focusing scale of 0.3m (1ft) to infinity and  shutter speeds of B, 1/2-1/200.

It has a slot to load the round filter. A little lever on the front of the camera slides the filter in and out, while a tiny trap-door on the bottom allows the filter to be changed. Mamiya made several round filters that can be used on this camera including yellow, green, red, skylight, 85B, and neutral density.

The flash synch uses a proprietary socket that also had an accessory insert to convert to a standard PC connector. The flash contact screws into the bottom of the camera -- inside the tripod socket! So the flash will only work with Mamiya cameras, even though similar units where sold for Steky and Minute 16 cameras. The accessory converter for standard PC connector is often missing, so perhaps was an optional accessory.  The Mamiya flash has a bracket that locks the camera in place with the cable plug screwing the camera to the bracket.

This model is found with the hard brown leather button case (e.g. 576502) and the later dark blue zip case (e.g. 581280).

The camera was often sold in a kit with three rolls of film, camera case, flash attachment and flash bulbs.


Model 16 Super (imperial) 16 Super (metric)
Serial # 581280 no number
Purchased 2003/06/30 2002/08/14
Date of Manufacture    
Cost 102.50USD (kit, flash, film, case) 49USD
Current Value    
Auction Price Ebay 2002/01/22 97.51USD (with grey plastic flash), 2002/02/01 29USD, 2002/08/06 153.50USD (kit with flash, film, case), 2002/08/26 104/50USD (kit with flash, case), 2002/09/23 50USD (brown case), 2002/12/13 90USD (instructions, leaflet), 2003/03/09 51USD, 2003/04/21 58USD, 2003/06/05 57USD, *2003/06/30 102.50USD (kit, flash, film, case), 2003/07/21 56.01USD, 2003/09/20 40USD, 2004/03/11 42.11USD,  2004/03/24 38.53USD, 2004/12/06 21.50USD (kit box with black flash - no camera), 2005/10/22 104.49USD (kit, flash, film, case), 2006/04/10 32.70USD, 2006/05/16 94USD (kit, flash, film, case), 2006/05/31 47USD, 2006/10/18 51USD, 2007/02/22 56.59USD (case), 2007/03/30 38.20USD (case), 2008/08/18 41USD, 2008/09/15 152.50USD Ebay *2002/08/14 49USD

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