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The Tower 16 camera was sold by Sears Roebuck and Company in 1959, and manufactured by Mamiya Camera Company of Tokyo, Japan. The Tower 16 is identical to the Mamiya-16 Super III subminiature camera except for the name "TOWER-16". The Tower 16 is less common than the Mamiya version and hence tend to be pricey. Production numbers are not known, so true rarity is not confirmed. 25mm (f3.5-11); B, 1/2-1/200

The image size is 10 x 14 mm. The lens is a 25mm f3.5 with aperture adjustable to f11. On the Mamiya camera, a front engraving gives the name of the lens as 'Cute'. The Tower camera does not have this engraving. However, both lenses are shown as 25mm f 3.5 optics.

The shutter is synchronized for flash and adjustable from 1/2 to 1/200 second plus bulb. The viewfinder is a simple metal frame that retracts into the body when not in use. The camera focuses as close as 1 foot or .3 metre and the viewfinder has a parallax mark at the 1 foot distance. There is also a built-in yellow filter that can be slid in front of the lens and a trap door underneath so an alternative came be stored. It also accepts the clip on filters and close up lens of the Mamiya 16.

The shutter does not fire unless the pull out viewfinder frame is extended. The shutter is locked when the viewfinder is retracted to prevent accidental exposures when carrying the camera.

A small circular cut-out below the triangular Tower logo engraving on the top cover has a radiating black and white sectors. When the film is advanced, the lines spin to indicate the film is advancing properly.

Model Tower 16 (Mamiya 16 Super III)
Serial # 587756
Instructions English
Purchased 2003/11/21
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 67USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay  *2002/08/01 113.49USD, 2002/08/24 99.02USD, 2002/10/27 143.50SD (case), 2003/05/07 76.97USD (case), 2003/07/06 66USD (case), *2003/11/21 67USD (case), ~2004/02/11 50GBP, 2004/04/16 127.50USD, 2004/05/21 17.50USD (box only), 2005/03/08 102.50USD, 2005/06/27 55USD, 2005/11/21 100USD (case, carry case with Tower logo, instructions for Mamiya Super), 2006/01/10 115.50USD (box, case), 2006/01/25 71.70USD, 2006/02/22 67USD, 2006/03/06 57USD , 2006/06/25 53.51USD (case), 2006/09/04 61USD, 2006/11/20 59GBP (box), 2006/11/29 57USD (#587551), 2006/12/20 66.10USD (case), 2007/01/31 66USD, 2007/02/20 87.59USD (case), 2007/06/09 51.02USD (case), 2007/07/21 103.50USD, 2007/11/04 91USD, 2008/08/18 73.50USD (case)

Photograph from Pacific Rim


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