Minolta 16 - enlargers Mini 16 3 in 1

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Model Minolta Mini 16 Enlarger - 3-in-1 enlarger for 35mm, 16mm and 9.5mm 30mm 4.5 E Rokkor lens
Finish/colour black with chip board base
Instructions Japanese
Purchased 2001/10/09
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 150USD
Current Value  
Auction Price *2001/10/13 180USD,
Ebay *2001/10/09 150USD, 2003/07/17 56.09USD 25mm lens
negative carrier * 2005/03/14 9.95USD, 2006/02/26 26USD (25mm lens, Pennant 16, original packaging)
Comment Also called the 3-in-1 mini enlarger, it has carriers for 35mm, 16mm, and 9.5mm negatives.  This enlarger was marketed with either the 30mm 4.5 E Rokkor lens or the 25mm 3.5 E Rokkor lens.

Last Updated on 28th February 2006