Minolta 16 - film

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Minolta discontinued 16mm film in 1994; in the end they were selling empty cassettes for $0.25 each at the Ramsey, NJ Minolta building. Cassettes with or without film frequently sell now for more that the cameras.

Avoid the cassettes with the Made in W. Germany (small boxes labelled Minolta 16 and Yashica 16 EE) as these are of poor standard and leak light. An attempt to make batches of cassettes was offered to users in the 1990s, Unfortunately these are thin, some have holes and film is ruined. Although an offer was made to replacement them from a new improved batches there are still a number in circulation.

Information on reloading Minolta 16mm cassettes is available in many of the manuals and a short note also at SubClub.org (http://www.subclub.org/darkroom/rollmin.htm).

Minolta Mania (http://silverstone.fortunecity.com/chrysler/1000/mincass.html) gives details on various packaging styles over a number of years.

Various Minolta 16mm cassettes: Minolta, Made in Japan (some have easy snap off bridges), Made in Germany (in the red boxes for Yashica and Minolta 16), ST (note the cone in the cap of the feed chamber, these cassettes are slightly thicker and perhaps the most robust for continued reloads). The yellow box is a Minolta cassette for re-loads, sold without film. Cassettes where also sold by a company called FR (which sold the film and offered processing), Ultima and others.  The Minolta cassettes are fairly easy to find today, but are getting more rare and expensive. 

The later cassette with the snap off bridge where designed to be used with Minolta Daylight loading developing tank. This is not a good idea and if you are using these a good tip is to reinforce the bridge with a drop of epoxy.

Although Mamiya 16 cameras also use 10x14mm negative and do not require perforations the cassettes have very different mechanisms for the film take up spool.

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