Minolta 16 Ps - introduction

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The Minolta 16Ps was introduced in 1965. Almost identical to the 16P it has a lever on the front of the camera allowing a slower shutter to be selected for flash use. The standard shutter is 1/100th and for flash bulbs 1/30th.It can be used at 1/30th even without flash making he camera very flexible in a wide range of light conditions.

 It is often mistaken for the P since the Ps just says "P" on it, without the "s".  This is a much underrated camera and has a very low resale value, yet the lens is very good even when results from transparencies are projected.

The film speed ranges of the Ps is slightly different from the P  (10, 32, 40, 80, 160 e.g. 450698 & 471640 -> 12, 25, 50, 100, 200 ASA e.g. 705127 compared to ASA 10, 25, 40, 80, 200 -> ASA 10, 32, 40, 80, 160 on the P) so pick up where the P left off and returned to a top film speed of 200ASA and back to 25ASA.  See ASA Ranges. A mini-exposure guide was etched on the back of the camera for quick reference. Aperture adjustment from f3.5 to f16.

To determine the aperture the film speed is set and then the f-stop scale rotated to match up with the weather symbol. When used with the 1/30th shutter the f-stop has to be selected without reference to the weather symbols. You can step down two f-stops from what the exposure system recommends, e.g. if the exposure system recommends f8 with the 1/100 shutter speed setting, use f16 with the 1/30 shutter speed

It has a built-in PC contact and tripod socket.  The combination flash bracket/tripod adapter was also modified and the screw is fixed to the bracket and not loose as in the original.

The point of focus for the three element lens was fixed at 16 feet. The depth-of-field is adequate and controllable by aperture selection. There are also two auxiliary lens for close up. No.1 was for focusing at about 1.2m (4 feet), and No.2 0.7m (2.5 feet).  Filters included a  UV, Y48 (yellow), 80A, 81B, ND (4x) and 1A.  The filters and lenses used a bayonet system and twisted into place on the lens surround.

Models were chrome, but a gold version may also have been made.

During the 7 years of production the packaging was changed along with the house style of Minolta. The red boxes of the 16P where changed to a dark blue with yellow sides and base. A kit version was also sold that included the flash bracket and B-C or Duofit-S flash unit. The final packaging has a photograph on the top and matched similar packaging for the 16II, MG, MG-s and QT. The case is made of grey green plastic although the last cases made are black.

In 1968, this camera cost about 16, rising to about 20 in 1972, when a kit which included camera, case, flashgun and accessory shoe was available. In 1971 Green Shield Trading Stamps sold  the camera in the blue box for 23 books.


Years of production 1965-1972?
Lens 25mm Rokkor 
Aperture f3.5-16
Shutter Speeds 1/30, 1/100
ASA range early 10, 32, 40, 80, 160
later 12, 25, 50, 100, 200
Flash sync. F class bulb
electronic flash
Negative Size 10x14mm
Finishes chrome
Supplied case, wrist strap
Manuals English: MAB-907, 
English short form: PS-309E-A1
French: PS-207 F
French Supplement 
Dimensions 104mm (W) x 44mm (D) x 27mm (H)


Filters UV, Y48(Yellow), 1A-skylight (1.1x), 80A (3.2x), 81B (1.3x).  ND (4x)
Auxiliary lenses Close-up #1 (3-5ft, 1m), #2 (1.5-3.5ft, 50cm).
Flash and Tripod Clamp C clamp holds flash unit and includes a tripod socket
Flash Baby Flash
Projector Mini 16
Enlarger Minolta Mini Enlarger with f3.5 25mm Rokkor lens, stops down to f:11, 100watt bulb, enlargements up to 5x7 inches.
Developing Tank  

Depth of Field Scale

The f/3.5 25mm Rokkor lens provides extreme depth of field. You are in sharp focus from 8.7 feet to 158 feet at f/5.6

NB: The French manual shows the table in 'pieds' and not a metre in side!

Lens Opening Without Close-up Lens With No. 1 Close-up Lens With No. 2 Close-up Lens
F 3.5 10.5 ft. - 37 ft. 3.5 ft. -4.5 ft. 2.1 ft. - 2.5 ft.
F 4 10 ft. - 45.5 ft 3.4 ft. - 4.6 ft. 2.1 ft. - 2.5 ft.
F 5.6 8.7 ft. - 158 ft. 3.3 ft. - 5 ft. 2 ft. - 2.6 ft.
F 8 7.3 ft. -  infinity. 3 ft. - 5.6 ft. 2 ft. - 2.7 ft.
F 11 6 ft. -  infinity. 2.8 ft. - 6.6 ft. 1.9 ft. - 3 ft.
F 16 4.7 ft. -  infinity. 2.5 ft. - 9.7 ft. 1.7 ft. - 3.4 ft.

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