Minolta Sonocon 16 MB-ZA

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Transistors made it possible to make consumer electronic smaller. This particularly applied to the radio and soon the transistor radio became a common companion. Several camera companies included transistor radios in the camera body. Minolta was one of the first in 1962 using the Minolta 16 II, extending the body for the radio part.

The Sonocon 16 MB-ZA  has the radio controls on one end and the camera controls on the other.  It had a 22mm (f2.8-16) lens and shutter speeds of B, 1/30-1/500.  All other features were the same as the model II, a renown quality camera.  It only was available in a black.

Ebay 2005/12/18 625EUR

Last Updated on 18th December 2005