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Okada Optical Works (Okada Optical Industrial Co. Ltd) manufactured subminiature cameras in 1950. The first uses 8mm film, called Camera "A" No.1 and the second uses 16mm and called Camera "B" No.2.  As so few of these are found it is not known if they were ever commercially manufactured.

The pistol shaped Gemmy using 16mm film and the HIT type Kolt.

Okada Camera "B" No. 2

Camera "B" No.2 is larger but similar to the Camera "A" No.1. Kolex f3.5, 22mm fixed-focus lens with Guillotine shutter, speeds of B, 1/25-1/200. Image size of 11x15mm in special cassettes.  Small optical viewfinder on top of the camera.

Okada Gemmy

Also 1950, pistol shaped camera with fixed focus 35mm (f4.5-11.0) lens. Speeds of 1/25, 1/50, 1/100. Pressing the trigger advances the film. 10x14mm format.


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