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Renown for the optical quality of their cameras it is surprising that Olympus never produced a subminiature camera for the general public. The Olympus Pen half-frame range is well regarded but most models are barely smaller than full frame alternatives.

Olympus manufactured a range of cameras for attaching to scientific instruments.

To satisfy the requirement for photography using borescopes and fiberscopes, Olympus offers a range of cameras and eyepiece adaptors for various formats.

The SC16-3 and SC16-4 both use Minolta style film cartridges. The later SC16-10 is 110 format.  These cameras are an SLR design, with electric motor drive powered by the microscope. The viewfinder is often mistaken for the lens which is in fact hidden by the hood. Exposure is set by the microscope. The large button shown on the top of the camera has a cable release thread.

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