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In 1955 Simda introduced a 16mm stereo camera called the Panorascope. It is a heavy, well made camera that produces 11.7x20mm format exposures. The camera holds a reel of 7.5m (25ft) of film and produced 120 pairs on the roll. It could take single images or stereo pairs.

Photo (c) Arsenal Photo 2004

The first model has two Roussel f3.5, 25mm lenses with speeds from 1 to 1/250 s. The second model has two Angénieux lenses also f3.5 25mm and is finished in two tone grey. It has a waist level reflex viewer as well as a direct viewfinder between the stereo lenses. It also has a sports finder. It has flash synch. Aperture settings of 3.5, 5.6, 8, 11.

It has been estimated that only 2500 of these cameras were made keeping the auction price high.  

Ebay 2003/10/27 535EUR (Angénieux), 2003/11/22 476EUR (Angénieux with tripod), 2004/02/17 661.09USD (case, Roussel), 2005/02/11 350EUR (case)

2004/01/02 asking price 1375USD
2003/12/31 875USD (asking price, Roussel)

Viewer 2004/02/12 178.26EUR

Instruction Manual 2004/12/06 30USD (in French)




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