Steky II

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Model II, was made by Riken Optical Company and manufactured in 1950. It differs from Model I only in having the f3.5/25mm lens stop down to f16, rather than f11 and having some minor cosmetic changes. The sliding shutter speed adjustment is more semi-circular than a crescent moon. The leather is stamped "Made in Occupied Japan" on the base and engraved "Model II Use 16mm film" on the side. Same 138g,

This version introduced several accessories including the 40mm (f5.6-f16) STEKY - TELE coated lens focus scale down to 3.5 feet, a 40mm (f3.2-f16) STEKATON TELE focusing from 3 feet and with clip on viewfinder masks, a 17mm wide angle slip on converter with clip on finder, filters (UV, red, green and 80A), lens hoods, cases, pocket tripod and flash gun (and special fitting to fire when the shutter release was moved).

A very capable system and explains why the cameras continued to be used half a century later.

Model Steky II
Serial Number 197
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Shutter B, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100
Aperture f3.5-f16
Film Door lock  
Dimensions  (width x height x depth)
Purchased 2003/10/18
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 72USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/06/12 138.53USD (case, box), 2002/08/29 88USD (with flash), 2002/09/11 99USD (case), 2003/02/07 90USD (with Sun 40mm), 2003/04/14 72USD, 2003/04/12 147.61USD (Mycro tripod), 2003/04/08 67USD (plus boxed film), 2003/05/04 89USD, 2003/06/16 56USD, 2003/10/08 99.95USD (40mm telephoto), *2003/10/18 72USD (box, instructions), 2003/12/22 75USD, 2004/01/12 63USD, 2004/01/15 99GBP (case), 2004/02/13 73.99USD (box), 2004/05/11 81.51USD, 2004/07/02 100USD (box, case, green filter), 2004/08/18 68USD, 2005/01/10, 75USD (#903, sun), 2005/04/24 81.90GBP (box), 2005/04/28 70.95USD (40mm telephoto),  2005/05/24 118.50USD (box), 2005/05/27 58GBP (case), 2005/06/17 89.99USD (case, 40mm, red, yellow filters, box of film), 2005/09/16 100USD, 2005/09/16 128.28USD (box), 2005/11/27 42.05USD, 2006/01/21 52.01USD (case), 2006/01/25 110.50USD (case, box), 2006/03/31 92USD (case, box), 2006/03/21 72.03USD (case), 2006/04/03 118.70USD (case, box), 2006/05/08 143USD (case, 40mm telephoto+box), 2006/05/12 72USD (box), 2006/06/12 46GBP, 2006/06/25 77USD, 2006/07/28 146USD (case, box, film), 2006/07/29 47.52USD (case, with 40mm telephoto), 2007/08/14 73.56USD (case), 2007/08/06 45EUR, 2007/09/17 102.50USD (box, telephoto in box), 2007/11/19 61.95USD (box)

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