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Only two panoramic cameras using subminiature film have been made the Swiss Roundshot, using 8x11 film and the Taiyokoki Co Ltd, Viscawide 16 ST-D, made in 1961.

Using a swinging lens/shutter principle as found on larger panoramic cameras the Viscawide makes 10x49mm images on 16mm film loaded into special cassettes. The angle of view is 120.

At 125x60x50mm (131mm wide if you include the shutter release on the side) and weighing a modest 516 grams (1 lbs 2.25oz) it is not a camera that passes unnoticed. Its not that much smaller than a 35mm panoramic.

Lausar 25mm f3.5-f16 rotating lens marked Viscawide 16 UV with aperture adjustment slider located on the lens barrel. The top has adjustments for S (slow, 1/60), H (high, 1/300) and OFF (which locks the lens). It has a pop up wire frame sports view finder. It has no tripod socket or cable release although the flat base allows it to be placed on any even surface.

There are two main variations. The first has speeds of H, S (Slow), and OFF, while the second model had speeds of H, and S only. At some point between serial numbers 62191 and 66243 two buttons where added to the lock side of the camera to assist in lifting the base off to change the film. This version also has a smaller shutter release lever. The OFF setting was removed after 68538 (shown on the eBay auction page) and before serial number 69034.  The camera, 68099, shown in Spy Camera page 64, is without the OFF setting, perhaps indicating a cross over period.

Speed serial numbers  
H, S and Off 60148, 62191  
H, S and Off lock 62521, 67270, 68538 change between 62191 & 66243
H, S 68099, 69034 change between 68539 and 69034

The lock, on the earlier model, puts lots of tension on the mechanism, rather than reducing it. If you lock up the lens it eventually stretches out the spring that swings the lens.

Most source give the film size as 10x46mm (McKeown, White) and Spy Camera as 10x52mm; which shows the later model. The early model has a negative mask of 10x49mm. As the changes seen are minor it is unlikely that the negative size was changed during production.  Ten exposure were produced on each roll of film.

Prints need a large format enlarger and slides a 6x6cm projector.

Slip on filters were available, 15mm diameter including UV and yellow.

The lens is set to hyper focal point (10-12ft). The camera was supplied with a guide on how to reduce the bending affect in having the ends of the composition at a different distance from the lens than the centre. {courtesy of Michael J Breen}

Depth of field in feet

f 3.5 6.5' 14.5'
f4 6.27' 15.9'
f5.6 5.57' 29.4'
f8 4.8' 69'
11 4'

16 3.29'


2002/07/01 201EUR,
*2002/12/08 103.50USD (#66243),
2002/12/08 89.89USD (#67175),
2002/12/20 73.44EUR,
2003/02/10 410USD (#68538),
2003/04/03 400USD,
2003/08/30 171.80USD (#66437),
2004/02/17 356USD,
*2004/04/26 166.38USD (box, #62191),
2004/05/11 269USD,
2004/07/02 235.56EUR (late model, #69034),
2004/09/17 300USD (box, late model),
2004/05/11 269USD (#65987),
2004/12/23 199EUR (#60168),
2005/04/25 209.50USD (#60019, case),
2005/05/25 356USD (box, film),
2005/06/26 247.50USD (#60579),
2005/10/16 155GBP,
2005/11/11 178.50USD,
2005/11/15 224.50USD,
2006/02/11 59USD (winder not original),
2006/08/24 88.50USD (case),
2006/10/02 350USD (case),
2007/01/22 171.50USD (case, film),
2007/01/22 202USD (box, film),
2007/02/13 149USD,
2007/04/01 103.23EUR,
2007/06/28 194USD,
2007/10/28 137GBP (late model, #70137)
2007/12/02 118.78GBP (case, box),
2008/04/26 200EUR+commission

Film *2003/01/20 15EUR


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