Micro 16 (Blue)

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The common smooth green finish is a bluish green, and so determining whether it is to be called green or blue may not be easy.

Model Micro 16
Serial #  
Finish/colour  blue ?
Dimensions 71 x 51 x 23.5 mm (2 " x 1" x 2")
Weight 238 grams
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price

Ebay 2002/12/07 54.53USD (lizard case), 2004/05/14 50EUR, 2005/06/27 34USD, 2006/08/27 82EUR, 2006/12/20 30.95USD (case), 2008/04/19 33.35USD, 2008/07/30 49.95USD

Comment snake skin case

This rough finish enamelled camera is bluish.

Photograph courtsey of Joop Riemens

Clearly when the two cameras are placed next to each other the distinction between green and blue is apparent.

Photograph courtsey of Joop Riemens

Last Updated on 20th April 2008