Whittaker Pixie with wrist strap

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Model Whittaker Pixie
Finish/colour  black
Purchased  2002/12/24
Date of Manufacture  
Cost  91USD
Current Value  
Auction Price

Pixie *2002/06/29 26.97USD, *2002/07/21 13.26USD, 2002/08/22 29.99USD, 2002/09/04 62USD (red plastic display box), 2002/09/05 91USD (red plastic display box, viewer in box), 2002/09/06 34USD, 2002/09/12 75USD (leather case, wrist strap),  2002/10/09 30USD, 2002/12/09 61USD (red plastic display box), 2002/11/24 78USD (white display box, wrist strap, brown viewer), *2002/12/24 91USD (red plastic display box, wrist strap, instructions), 2002/12/24 70USD (red plastic display box), 2003/01/20 62USD (white plastic display box), 2003/02/20 48USD, 2003/03/10 47USD (red plastic display box), 2003/03/17 66.01USD (white plastic box, viewer in box, presentation set), 2003/03/25 46USD (red plastic display box), 2003/04/07 36USD (leather case), 2003/05/02 47.53USD (white display box), 2003/10/05 37USD (red plastic display case), 2004/02/17 34.53USD (white plastic display box), 2004/02/29 32USD, 2004/02/29 28.50USD (red plastic display case), 2003/06/04 3.25USD (instructions only), 2003/04/18 153.50USD (red plastic display in box, leather case, red viewer in box, Pixie flash in box), 2003/06/18 31USD (leather case, wrist strap, viewer), 2003/07/14 91USD (red plastic display box, red viewer, red wrist strap, film), 2003/10/05 37USD (white display box), 2003/10/06 52.01USD (leather case, white display box, red viewer), 2004/01/26 56.50USD (red plastic display box), 2004/01/19 38USD (white plastic display box), 2004/02/05 56USD (white plastic display box, viewer in box, film), 2004/02/17 34.53USD (white display box), 2004/02/10 47USD (red display box), 2004/02/29 28.50USD (red display box), 2004/03/23 20.50USD (soft case), 2004/05/10 42.50USD, 2004/12/30 38.99USD, 2005/07/29 46USD (red display  box, viewer),  2005/07/29 28USD (white display box), 2006/02/17 47.75USD (with case, wrist strap)



Last Updated on 17th February 2006