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The Hit Project 2003  by Mike Parker

Publication in November 2003. The book covers Hit camera history, classification and variation data, details on nearly every known Hit type camera, and much more. It is published in Black & White (144 pages) with a companion CD of colour  images and tabular data and the book content with colour charts and colour photographs of the camera.

30USD from the author. See http://www.smallcameras.net/index_files/frame.htm

The Hit Project 2003 is a comprehensive reference to these popular little Japanese novelty cameras.
Table of Contents:


  • Using this Guide
  • How the Book Happened
  • Collecting Hit Cameras
  • Condition & Grading
  • Pricing & Value
  • Hit Camera History
  • What is a Hit Camera, Anyway?
  • Anatomy of a Hit Camera
  • Hit Camera Classification
  • Buying, Pricing & Value
  • The First & Ultimate Hit - A Mycro Camera History
  • The Cameras (Alphabetically By Name)
  • Appendices

A Japanese collector/reviewer calls it "a significant book". A long-time English collector says "the overall impression is of an excellent attempt to address quite a complex subject". American collectors who have it are calling it "impressive", "spectacular", and "a great and informative book".

The accompanying PDF files on the CD-ROM are needed to make sense of the colour coded charts and to see the difference in the cameras which in grey scale appear to be identical. The tables include a believed value of scarcity, prices seen and a best guess value.

A book in which the Japanese camera and Japanese subminiature camera in particular are discussed is written in Japanese and English. Title:: THE COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO JAPANESE CAMERAS, ISBN: 4-257-03187-5, Publisher: Asahisonorama.co, Sugiyama Koubou, Author: Sugiyama Kouichi, Price: 14,563 JPY

There are articles written by Mr.Awano on Camera Collectors News (CCN) which he also publishes on Mycro and other subminiatures cameras.

Ebay 2005/07/16 56USD (autographed by author)

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