Marked "AMEREX." and also "Made In Occupied Japan." on the nameplate which makes it unusual as well as the length of the lens barrel. Slightly heavier than the typical HIT type camera, but only with the same quality of construction as other snap to shut cameras like the CMC. The lens barrel is longer at 25mm than most HIT types. Brown as well as the black leatherette has been reported.

The film is supported by a frame that holds both the feed and the take up spool allowing them to be dropped in like a cartridge. This frame as a circle cut out which appears to be only  for allowing the frame counter to be viewed as the back has no pressure plate.

Model Amerex
Finish/colour chrome/black leatherette
Lens Fixed
Shutter Fixed
Aperture Fixed
Film Door lock snap to shut
Dimensions 55x34x38mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 64g
Instructions none 
Purchased 2003/06/09
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 52.76USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2003/02/15 155.20USD, *2003/06/09 52.76USD, 2004/07/20 61USD, 2004/11/22 51USD, 2007/02/05 46.05USD, 2007/04/22 40USD, 2007/04/25 56.55USD, 2007/11/21 67USD
Comment "MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN" on the name plate

Last Updated on 24th November 2007