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Made in 1950 the Baby Flex is a twin lens reflex camera similar to the Peace Baby Flex and Sholy-Flex. The pop-up viewfinder and style is also similar to the more common Gem Flex.

The simple one speed shutter marked Peace III RK is sometimes seen on other subminiatures of the same era.

The Peace Baby Flex was introduced in about 1949 and has more than a passing resemblance to the Baby Flex. The folding hood appears to be exactly the same however the name plate is marked with S.P.S and a serial number. This is possibly the smallest TLR (twin lens reflex) camera ever made. This was an inexpensive novelty with a simple mirror arrangement for the top, viewing lens and a tiny Sanko f3.5, 20mm lens for the taking lens. The shutter is two speed and the camera came with a fitted leather case in a cardboard presentation box.

The Sholy-Flex closely mimics the Peace Baby Flex and has S.P.S on the name plate.

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