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Arguably not a Hit camera, although there are also almost identical cameras but with a 'HIT' name plate, lens and controls. It has a fixed-focus lens and a shutter speeds of I and B, but it has an unusual shape for a Hit-type camera being much wider. The Baby-Max is similar.

The left hand knob is fixed - i.e. decorative. The spool is held in place by clips that slide out at right angles. The mechanism can be seen in the photograph of the inside of the camera.

Model Barlux
Finish/colour Chrome, black leatherette
Lens Fixed
Shutter I and B
Aperture Fixed
Film Door lock sliding bar
Case Barlux script on the front, 'pig' skin
Dimensions 63x38x31mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 60g
Purchased 2002/09/20
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 153.50USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2002/09/20 153.50USD, 2003/06/06 157.50USD, 2005/01/22 50EUR, 2007/01/05 53.02GBP, 2007/04/15 53GBP (case), 2007/05/08 33GBP (case)
Comment Stamped "Barlux" diagonally across the top plate.

Last Updated on 24th May 2007