Beauty 17.5mm/16mm

Sample Wanted

Manufactured in 1949 by Taiyodo Koki the Beauty is has a similar body shape to the Epochs, Meteor and Vestkam but a very different viewfinder.

See "Spy Camera" page 79 Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny shows a Vestkam like camera with the addition of a right angle view finder.

A second version (shown below) is labelled Beauty 16 which may have cassettes, like the some versions of the Rubix, having no counter window on the back, However details are not know. A version of this model has been shown in Photo Arts, a Japanese Magazine, with "Spy" engraving ( )

Model Beauty
Lens 20mm Fixed focus
Shutter B, 1/12, 1/50, 1/100
Aperture f4.5
Film Door lock  
Dimensions wxhxdmm (width x height x depth)
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value 285USD
Auction Price Ebay 2003/12/19 405USD


Last Updated on 25th January 2009