Bell 14 (top plated engraved Bell-14)

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The Bell 14 dates from 1960. It is more like a rangefinder camera than the usual "HIT" style. Considerably larger than most Hit cameras it share the basic features:- 17.5mm roll film, fixed-focus lens, a fixed aperture and a single shutter speed.  Very similar to the Homer 16Toyoca Ace and Prince Ruby but both taller and wider, but oddly the case is smaller! The Bell 14 uses a hinge and a single release (the Homer 16 has a release on either side) to open the film chamber door.

The film advance has nice ratcheted sound and will only turn one way.

It has a fixed aperture, fixed focus, single shutter speed lens.

Attractive leatherette covering and a smart zip up case.  There is another 'Bell' camera that uses 16mm film.

The variation below has a silver mirror finish top plate stamped with "BELL-14".

Last Updated on 20th March 2006