C.M.C / C.M.C Camera (Continental Manufacturing Company)

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The CMC in HIT style (class 2) are better built than the basic HIT type cameras with shutter speeds of I (1/50th) and B.  The class 9 is also well made but the QP style (class 6, with diamond lens mount surrounds) and the Star-Lite type (class 8) are less robust.

Available in various leatherette colours - black, blue, brown, green, grey and red. There is also a version with gold finish as well as the chrome. The gold tone versions are with black, brown, green, grey, red or tan finish leatherette.

The blue has also been seen in light and darker colours. This could be the results of storage, exposure to sunlight or poor colour rendering on the auction listings.

The cameras with "C.M.C. Made in Japan" (see the 'black', 'gold') on the name plate have "CMC CAMERA" engraved on the top, the same as those with "CMC CAMERA" (see 'blue', 'grey or 'red') on the name plate.

The top plate is either HIT style, class 2  (see front/bottom row of photographs above) or Click Style, class 9 (back/top row), or QP class 6 (middle row), class 8 (2nd row from the top).

The plate around the lens is either bracket shaped () or diamond <> shape and the top plate differs in shape with the () shape having a vertical cut off between the view finder and the film winder and the <> shape having the winder partially surrounded by the end of the view finder.

The film gate is either the snap to shut film or sliding bars.

There are also variations in the leatherette used.

Last Updated on 24th January 2008