Corona by KSK of Japan

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The Corona made by KSK of Japan is "gold" plated with red leatherette and has an Ansastigmat 20mm lens with aperture control of f4.5 to f11 and shutter speeds of 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100 second putting it into the top of the hit list along with the Tacker by TSC and the Hope by Sugaya Optical Co Ltd which have similar lens and shutter.

Model Corona KSK
Finish/colour gold, red leatherette
Lens Ansastigmat 20mm
Shutter B, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100 second
Aperture f4.5, f5.6, f8, f11
Film Door lock sliding bar
Case with hinged strap and gold interior top and base
Dimensions 51x33x38mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 94g
Purchased 2005/05/22
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 331.58USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2005/05/22 331.58USD, 2005/09/29 43.50EUR (poor leatherette), 2006/02/07 170.27USD , 2006/03/23 192.50USD

The top and base interior has a gold inlay.

Last Updated on 28th April 2005