Harukawa Cameras

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The Septon Penletto camera appeared in 1953 and has a working mechanical pencil built in. Marketed by the Japanese firm Harukawa Trading Company, the Septon Penletto has a fixed focus lens, a single speed shutter and bulb position and the name Penletto on the camera front. After a short production run of the Penletto the name was dropped. The camera remained the same.

The instructions state that the negative is 14mm on 16mm roll film but it is in fact the same as 17.5mm film and the camera has similar basic features to other cameras using this film.

The largest production version was the Septon Pen Deluxe with a three element 20mm f2.8 lens with F2.8, f4.5 and f11 aperture and two shutter settings I (1/50) and B. The shutter release is a lever where as on the Penletto it is a button.

See "Spy Camera" pages 150-151 Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny

Last Updated on 25th April 2003