Homer 16

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Similar to the Toyoca Ace and Prince Ruby and very similar to the Bell 14 but not as tall or as wide, but oddly the case is larger! Also the Homer 16 uses a release on either side to remove the film chamber door (the Bell 14 is a hinge and a single release) and despite the 16 in it's name it uses 17.5mm roll film.

There are aperture settings, of f8 and f11and a depth of field from 1 m to infinity with best focus at between 2 and 3 metres.

Model HOMER 16
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette, internals are plastic
Lens Fixed
Shutter Fixed
Aperture f8 and f11
Film Door lock two sliding bars, whole back is removed and the film advance and spool is on the back plate
Case black vinyl, strap joined to single point at the bottom of the zip.
Box dark green and white bands
Instructions German
Dimensions 70x36x36mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 60g
Purchased 2003/02/12
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 20.50EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2003/02/12 20.50EUR, 2003/02/16 41.55EUR, 2003/02/03 26.50EUR, 2003/09/14 12.50EUR, 2003/09/18 5.09EUR, 2004/01/17 25EUR, 2004/02/13 46USD, 2004/04/14 20.50USD, 2004/04/04 32.51EUR, 2004/07/19 22.50USD, 2004/10/31 20USD, 2005/07/31 14.99GBP, 2007/02/15 12.55EUR (boxed), 2007/04/08 7.28USD

Last Updated on 13th April 2007