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Several cameras bare the "Homer" brand name and have nothing to do with The Simpsons, In "Homer's Night Out" on FOX. Bart orders a mini spy camera ("just like the CIA uses") from the back of a comic book. When it arrives six months later, he photographs, among other things, his dad Homer getting frisky with a belly dancer. Not bad for $1.99!  See http://www.mwbrooks.com/submini/flicks/



"HOMER" and Made in Japan on the name plate with gold lettering and the black top to the film winder with the gold arrow make this HIT style camera stand out from the crowd, if only in appearance.

Homer No. 1

The Homer No.1 is slightly larger and more boxy than the typical 17.5mm camera at 60x38x33mm. It was made by Kambayashi & Co. Ltd of Japan in 1960. It is usually seen in a grey metal exterior, but also available in black and brown

Lens is a Meniscus with weather house stops for sunny and cloudy shutter fixed at about 1/50 second, fixed focus. Thumbwheel advances film until next frame number on paper backing is visible through a small, green window on the camera's back.

Often reported as using 16mm roll film but accommodates a spool from a Hit camera and is clearly 17.5mm. 

Homer 16

Very similar to the Bell 14 but not as tall or as wide, but oddly the case is larger! Also the Homer 16 uses a release on either side to remove the film chamber door (the Bell 14 is a hinge and a single release) and despite the 16 in it's name it uses 17.5mm roll film.

There are aperture settings, of f8 and f11and a depth of field from 1 m to infinity with best focus at between 2 and 3 metres.

Last Updated on 8th May 2005