Morita Gem 16 II

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Looks identical to the model Kiku II but for differences in the engraving

There is no model I, as the Gem 16 appeared after the introduction of the Kiku Model II.

Model Morita Gem 16 Model II
Finish/colour brush chrome, black leatherette
Lens 25mm fixed focus
Shutter B and I (1/25)
Aperture F8.0
Film Door lock twist lock and the back and base slides off
Instructions English
Dimensions 63x35x33mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 76g, 6g for filter
Purchased 2005/09/14
Date of Manufacture 1956
Cost 180USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay  *2003/02/03 165USD, *2003/05/29 113.50USD, 2003/07/14 248.50USD, 2003/02/18 135.81USD, 2004/04/05 119.50USD, 2004/07/18 71USD, *2005/09/14 180.27USD (box, photograph, filter, film, and QP), 2009/06/15 171.50USD

Shares the same lens dimensions as the Toyoca 16

Last Updated on 13th August 2009