Morita Kiku Cameras

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The name Kiku is perhaps taken form the Japanese word for chrysanthemum - KIKU and a common given name in Japan. Despite the '16' in their name these cameras uses 17.5mm film like "HIT" style cameras. 2 3/8 in. w x 1 3/8 in. h x 1 7/8 in. deep with the filter on.

More like a mini-Leica there are further differences from the "HIT" style.

Morita Kiku 16 Model I

Marked Model I on the top this was the first version (below, top row) and lacks the cocking lever of the Model II.

Morita Kiku 16 Model II

Similar to the Model I but shutter cocks with separate lever on the front (below, bottom row). Sliding cover for exposure counter window on the back.

Morita Saica

        Looks identical to the model I but for differences in the engraving

Morita Gem 16 Model II

Looks identical to the model II but for differences in the engraving

Last Updated on 20th September 2005