Mighty, Toko

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Manufactured in 1947 by Toko the Mighty as a  25mm f4.5 fixed-focus lens and shutter speeds of B and I. A "HIT"-type camera featuring a waist-level finder built-in next to the regular viewfinder.

The lens is a meniscus-type and is marked TOKO 1:4.5 T.K.P.W.

The bottom of the camera is marked "MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN." and the back of the case near the press stud.

The name plate is either white (silver) or black and different leatherettes have been seen including black, light and dark brown.

The back has either a sliding bar to fasten or a snap to shut clip.

Various presentation boxes have been seen from the basic one for the camera and standard case to one with space for filters, lens, film and a larger case.

More details and in depth of at least six variations can be found at http://www.wishworks.to/mighty/index.html .

Accessories include a x2 tele-converter and filters that are made to slip onto the front of the lens.

Last Updated on 10th January 2004