Sanwa Mycro I (post-War)

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Post-war an all new product, made in the latter half of 1947 (22nd Showa). All of its appearance and components were redesigned and this is the model with the most number of variations.

There is an engraving on the top of the body in the Latin alphabet "CPO"; or in Japanese katakana. This abbreviation means Central Purchase Office which existed in Japan during the occupation period. CPO was the section where occupation forces where able to purchase goods tax-free, so the engraving indicated if the item was CPO supplied.

Mycro Una f4.5/20mm lens, 3 speed shutter with a number of variations, mostly selling for 55-80USD with coloured leatherette models being 65-110USD.

The major distinctions are 2 stars or double line and engraved "Mycro PATENTS" or "Mycro PATENTS MADE IN JAPAN" and "Sanwa Shokai"

Patents Stars | Patents Stars JK | Patents Lines | Patents Lines JK
MIJ Stars | MIJ Stars CPO | MIJ Lines | MIJ Lines CPO | Lines Shokai | MIJ Green

Lens Markings None
Mycro UNA 1:4.5 F=20mm
Mycro ANASTIGMAT 1:4.5
Mycro ANASTIGMAT 1:4.5 (Thicker than others w/ large knurled ring)
Faceplate Colour Black, printed or pressed
Faceplate Markings Mycro SANWA CO. LTD, 2 Stars, Swww Logo
Mycro SANWA CO. LTD, 2 Double Lines, Swww Logo
Mycro SANWA SHOKAI, 2 Double Lines
Diaphragm 11, 8, 5.6, 4.5
11, 8, 6.3, 4.5
Diaphragm Scale non pointer pin type
pointer pin type
Shutter Speeds  100, 50, 25, B
25, 50, 100, B
Shutter Cocking Notched Lever
Shutter Lever Thick
Shutter Button flat , plain
Flat Reeded Edge
Top Housing Upright Finder, Sloping Right Side, Round Rear, Square Front, Glass
Finder eyepiece lined
no lines
Top Markings  Mycro PATENTS
Wind Knob Small, 12mm, No Arrow, Small Pin, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines
Small, 12mm, No Arrow, Large Pin, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines (wider spacing)
Large, 14mm, Open Feathered Arrow, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines
Large, 14mm, Filled Feathered Arrow, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines
Body Cover  Black - Large Grain
Black - Pin Grain
Black - Smooth
Camera Hinge 3-Part
Camera Back Red Window, Round Frame - 5 Ridges, No Cover
Tinted Window. Round Frame - 5 Ridges, Slide Cover, 2 Rivets, lined or not lined
Film chamber normal
with the plate spring to keep film tight
Inside of body not painted
painted black
Closure & Markings


Snap Close - No Markings
Snap Close - MADE IN JAPAN
Camera Base Clean

Snap close is also engraved Made in Japan or Made in Occupied Japan.

Last Updated on 25th December 2003