Sanwa Mycro IIIA

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(1953, 28th Showa) There is no model III and no later IIIB. The lens and shutter are the same as the post-war model II, but with a slightly different body style, shorter more streamlined top plate, and an attractive, chromed face plate.  The viewfinder was made a little bit smaller than in the earlier versions and it is even more difficult to use than the original.  But the camera's features help make up for this deficiency.  This is one of the few Hit-type cameras with adjustable shutter speeds and apertures. Speeds run from 1/25 - 1/100, plus B.  Apertures run from f4.5 - 11.  

The camera can accommodate a choice of film and lighting conditions. Accessories include a telephoto lens, hood, filters, cable release and tripod.

Some versions are marked "Mycro Camera Company Ltd." others "Sanwa Co. Ltd". At one time the rarest Mycro, but an unknown quality of un-sold stock turned up in 1991 and these cameras now sell for 60-90USD.

black | black lines | white

Lens Markings Mycro UNA 1:4.5 F=20mm
Faceplate Colour  Black
Faceplate Markings


Mycro SANWA CO. LTD, COATED LENS, 2 Stars, Swww Logo
Mycro SANWA CO. LTD, COATED LENS, 2 Double Lines, Swww Logo
Mycro MYCRO CAMERA COMPANY LTD, una logo on black base
Mycro MYCRO CAMERA COMPANY LTD, una logo on grey base
Diaphragm 11, 8, 5.6, 4.5
Shutter Speeds 25, 50, 100, B
Shutter Cocking Notched Lever
Shutter Lever Thick
  Cable Release
Shutter Button Rounded Reeded Edge
Top Housing Upright Finder, Flattened, Round Rear, Square Front, Glass
Upright Finder, Flattened, Round Rear, Rectangle Front, Glass
Finder square object window
rectangle object window
Top Markings Mycro III A
Wind Knob Large, Filled Feathered Arrow, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines
Body Cover Black - Large Grain
Camera Hinge 5-Part
Camera Back Tinted Window. Round Frame - 5 Ridges, Slide Cover, 2 Rivets
Closure & Markings Bar with Slide - Attached to Rear Cover - JAPAN
Camera Base Clean
Picture Size 10x10 mm
10x14 mm

System kit sold for 301USD on 2005/07/04

Last Updated on 5th July 2005