Sanwa Mycro I (pre-war) Original Model

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(1939)  (14th Showa)  A very early "Hit"-type camera. Fixed-focus 20mm (f4.5-11) lens. Speeds of B, 1/25 - 1/100. It has a square viewfinder on the top.  There is no streamline housing as found on the HIT style cameras, but a square optical finder attached to the top. Next to the finder is a small disc marked "T.A.Co.". One variation has a combination of a "Cross" with a stylistic "A" character.  Expect to pay 250-300USD for one.

Lens Markings None
Faceplate Colour Grey
Faceplate Markings Mycro 1:4.5 F=20mm
Mycro F=20mm (Embossed)
Diaphragm Details Unknown
Shutter Speeds B, 100, 50, 25, S
25, 50, 100, B
Shutter Cocking Self-Cocking
Shutter Lever Thin
Shutter Button Small, Hole in Centre, Reeded Edge
Stepped Pyramid
Flat Reeded Edge
Top Housing Square Finder with Glass
no glass
Top Markings Stylized "A" with superimposed +
Mycro T. A. Co.
Wind Knob Medium, Reeded Edge with 3 Lines, No Other Details Known
Medium, No Arrow, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines, Other Details Unknown
Medium, Tapered Arrow, Large Pin, Reeded Edge with 3 Lines
Body Cover Black - Large Grain
Camera Hinge  3-Part
Surface finish nickel plated (top cover, body, winding knob)
nickel plated (top part)
semi-lustre chrome plated (body, winding knob) 
Inside Body no paint
black paint
partially painted
 Camera Back  Red Window, Round Frame - 5 Ridges, No Cover
Red Window, Round Frame - 4 Ridges, No Cover
Red Window, No Cover, Frame Painted Black, Other Details Unknown
Closure & Markings  Bar with Slide Button - Attached to Rear Cover
Bar with Slide Button - Attached to Body
Camera Base Clean

The bikini case is studded at the back and button downs over the lens under the camera.

Model Mycro
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette, black name plate 
Lens Fixed
Aperture Fixed
Film Door lock snap to shut
Case Stamped "Mycro" on the front
Dimensions  x x mm (width x height x depth)
Weight g
Purchased 2005/02/13
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 223.93USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/12/23 210.07USD,  2003/03/19 306.99USD, 2003/08/28 229USD, 2004/06/16 263.78USD, 2004/07/19 225USD,2005/01/28 182.51USD, *2005/02/13 223.93USD, 2005/08/06 79USD, 2006/08/18 113GBP. 2006/11/17 312USD (blue leatherette)

The second variation has a small disc marked "Mycro T.A.Co.".

Last Updated on 18th November 2006