Sanwa Mycro (New model, post-War)

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(1946, 21th Showa)  The lens and shutter are the same as the pre-war model II, but the face plate is different. This version is more makeshift, with manufacturers wanting to ship goods quickly and the Japanese people were very poor. Products were made utilising parts from previous version. The Mycro New model may have a glass fitted finder eyepiece. The top part and body is soldered, and eyepiece was inserted simply. The inside of body and the metallic frame around the red window on the back were both painted black. Similar to the ORIGINAL model , the finish of the body of the Mycro NEW model (Post-war) is semi-lustre chrome plating, though the top is nickel plating. It has the engraving "Mycro PATENTS" on the top. Its font-size is different and little small when compared it with a Mycro I model (pre War).

3 band | 3 band Arrow | knurl

Lens Markings None
Faceplate Colour Grey
Faceplate Markings Mycro F=20mm (Embossed)
Diaphragm Details Unknown
Shutter Speeds Details Unknown
Shutter Cocking Notched Lever
Shutter Lever Thick
Shutter Button Flat Reeded Edge
Top Housing Upright Finder, Sloping Right Side with Medallion, Round Rear, Square Front, Glass
Upright Finder with Vertical Ridge, Sloping Right Side, Round Rear, Square Front with Frame, Glass
No glass
Top Markings Mycro PATENTS
Wind Knob knurl
3 bands without arrow
3 bands with arrow
Body Cover Black - Large Grain
Camera Hinge Details unknown
Surface Finish nickel plated (top cover, body, winding knob)
nickel plated (top part)
 semi-lustre chrome plated (body, winding knob )
Inside of body no paint
black painted
partially painted
Camera Back Red Window. Round Frame - 3 Ridges Painted Black, No Cover, 2 Rivets
Tinted Window. Round Frame - 4 Ridges, No Cover, 2 Rivets
Tinted Window. Round Frame - 5 Ridges, Slide Cover, 2 Rivets
Details Unknown
Closure & Markings Bar with Slide Button - Attached to Rear Cover
one-touch snap to shut type
Camera Base

Last Updated on 28th February 2005