Mycro Super 16

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(1950 25th Showa)

The film system used by the Mycro Super 16 became the new film format. The usual method, using the Midget Type roll film (14 x 14mm) was changed to a method that utilized the 16mm width perforated film (10 x 14mm) loaded into a film magazine. This is not therefore a HIT camera or 17.5mm film camera.


The top cover is a flat form, and a film counter was a new addition, necessary because the lack of a frame counter on the film. The design around the lens and the overall outside dimensions were the same as previous Mycro models. It has a coated lens and shutter cable release connection too. As for accessories, an exclusive flashgun was also sold.

The name plate is labelled "SANWA CO.,LTD COATED LENS", surrounded both ends by star".
or :"1:4.5 F=20mm COATED, and double lines (engraved directly into the metal and is black in colour).
As with other models which used the nameplate of another model, this is the case with the Mycro Super 16 too. The shape of the nameplate-base is the same as the IIIA model. The IIIA model has an engraved nameplate which was glued on the camera. So  there may be a IIIA model which has the same nameplate that has direct engraved features as the Mycro Super 16.

Models in advertisements have an engraved lens name plate surface : "MYCRO UNA 20mm F4.5", but the example here the lens is nameless and the faceplate design is also different from other models.

The Mycro Super 16 has a tripod-base on the bottom, not seen on other models.
The tripod-base is engraving :"IMPORT" and has a yellow paint stamp "MADE IN JAPAN".

The film magazine resembles those of the Steky. 12.5 x 12 x 21mm (wxdxh), semi-circular prism and made of brass with felt on the portions that the film passes.

Lens Markings Details Unknown
Faceplate Colour Details Unknown
Faceplate Markings Mycro 1:4.5 F=20mm COATED, 2 Double Lines
Diaphragm Details Unknown
Shutter Speeds 25, 50, 100, B
Shutter Cocking Notched Lever
Shutter Lever  Thick
Cable Release
Shutter Button Flat Reeded Edge
Top Housing Upright Finder Flattened with Film Counter, Round Rear, Rectangular Front, Glass
Top Markings Mycro SUPER 16
Wind Knob Large, Filled Feathered Arrow, Reeded Edge with 2 Lines
Body Cover Black - Large Grain
Camera Hinge Details Unknown
Camera Back No Rear Window
Closure & Markings Bar with Slide (Different from Original Model)
Camera Base Tripod Socket - engraved IMPORT
Yellow Stamp - MADE IN JAPAN
Picture Size 10x14 mm

Model Mycro
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette, black name plate 
Lens Fixed
Aperture Fixed
Film Door lock snap to shut
Case Stamped "Mycro" on the front
Dimensions  x x mm (width x height x depth)
Weight g
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay  2006/05/11 1900USD, 2007/10/28 676.66US, 2008/01/12 228.05USD (missing dial on left of camera)

Last Updated on 12th January 2008