Mykro-Fine Class 3 (Arrow type) OEJSouthern IND175-5AV.N.Y.10 NYO

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The Mykro-Fine is one of the better made Arrow type cameras. The shutter is crisp and positive and the clasp is better made than normally found on these cameras, although the back still does not close tight.

This is a "HIT" style, class 3 "Arrow" not to be confused with the Whittaker Pixie look alike also called MYKRO-FINE.

Model Mykro-Fine 'Arrow' type
Finish/colour chrome with black leatherette
Lens fixed
Shutter fixed
Aperture fixed
Film Door lock sliding knob
Case stamped MYKRO-FINE
Dimensions 56 x 35 x34 mm (wxhxd)
Weight 60g including backing plate (54g without)
Purchased 2004/07/30
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 76USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2004/01/25 152.50USD, *2004/07/30 76USD, 2005/05/31 86.81USD, 2005/12/01 154.02USD (with box of film), 2006/03/27 88USD (case, box)

Last Updated on 30th March 2006