PFCA (Taaker/Tacker Version)

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Star-lite and Arrow style versions and one styled like the Taaka and Tacker (c.f McKeown's unusual flat view finder housing and flat film winder).

Model (Taaka/Tacker)
Finish/colour chrome with black leatherette
Lens Fixed
Shutter I and B
Aperture Fixed
Film Door lock  
Dimensions 55 x 34 x 35 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 60g
Purchased 2004/07/18
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 125USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2004/05/18 152.51USD, *2004/07/18 125USD, 2005/08/05 113.61USD GNCO case), 2005/09/03 86.05USD, 2008/01/24 62.60USD
Comment leatherette is largely absent and the body has been painted black, case unlikely to be original (common 'Camera' case).

Last Updated on 25th January 2008